Def Leppard has said that they plan to re-record the entire back of their catalog

Def Leppard Early Formation Wallpaper

Def Leppard Early Formation

Def Leppard was tell if they wants to take that step following a dispute with their record label Universal time on royalties and compensation for digital download.

Elliott said this – via Tthe Guardian: “. We just wanted studio versions of songs are available for this summer”, in order to coincide with the release of the movie Rock of Ages, the band has re-recorded their 1983 song ‘Rock of Ages’ and 1987’s ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’.

Of the difficulty in re-record their old songs, he added: “You just do not go and say: ‘Hey guys, let’s record it,’ and it was done in three minutes … Where would I find a 22-year sound? I have to sing themselves into a particular form of throat singing to be like that again this is really hard work. But we did have a laugh on it here and there. ”

Band frontman Joe Elliott told Billboard that the dispute has led to the band decided to phase out their recordings for Universal and replace it with a new collection of their songs, which they called ‘fraud’. “We will replace our back catalog with a brand new, exactly the same version of what we do,” he said.

::The Band ::

Joe Elliott


1978 – Present

Pete Willis


1978 – 1982

Steve Clarke


1978 – 1991

Rick Savage


1978 – Present

Rick Allen


1978 – Present

Phil Collin


1982 – Present

Vivian Campbell


1992 – Present

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