G3 Joe Satriani/Steve Vai/Steve Morse At Heineken Music Hall (Amsterdam), July 20th 2012

G3 Tour Europe 20th July 2012 Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Friday July 20th 2012. The last show from-this-time the collaborative of the three greatest guitarist on G3 was successful perform in the Heineken  Music Hall, Amsterdam. This time is the next guitarist collaboration from Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Steve Morse. This is the worldwide success stores in the month of July for the Amsterdam city. Literate early from this show is awesome-touched with it Providing the nuances of Flexable Steve Vai special playability, featured Joe Satriani Alien guitar, and more epic when it combined with the funk jazzy console of Steve Morse guitar skill.

satcH, vAi aNd mOrSe (G3 Amsterdam)

Rockin’ in the Free World 2012

@Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, July 20th 2012

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More about they musical bellow is a view literate about them :

Steve Morse G3 Cover

Steve Morse :

Steve Morse is an American guitarist and composer who is best known as founder of the Dixie Dregs and the youngest member of Deep Purple. Morse’s career includes rock, country, funk, jazz and classical music. Morse is considered one of the hardest working players in the world.

He is the best known for its compositional qualities which extends over a range of styles, and his virtuoso playing. Even after 47 albums Morse continues his horizons and tackle new opportunities.

[Read more about Steve Morse Discography]

[Or visiting Steve Morse Official Website]

Steve Vai

Steve Vai :

Steve Vai on the guitar is praised in the rock world and beyond. It started with his innovative album Passion and Warfare in 1990 and since then has continually Vai music used as a microscope to look into the human soul.

While Vai clearly had what an indelible impression during his interaction with Frank Zappa and David Lee Roth, he knows just as soloist valuable contributions. Each solo album is unique, compelling and genuinely uplifting, even if he then darkness right in the face. His latest album and DVD project, Where the Wild Things Are, is the masterpiece of a musical alchemist of the highest category.

[As my favorite interview, this is just steve vai when he has told about what he thinking about his complete album]

[Or visiting Steve Vai Official Website]

Joe Satriani Funny Picture From His Self Facebook Fans Page

Joe Satriani :

Joe Satriani is a guitar hero all over the world since his breakthrough in 1987 with the album Surfing With The Alien. More than ten million albums and CDs later, Joe is working further on the development of modern rock guitar music.

Although he was began his career in education in some of the top guitarists of the ’80s and ’90s, such as Kirk Hammett [Metallica] and Steve Vai, Joe Satriani is itself seen as one of the most technically gifted and respected guitarists in the history of rock.

Joe Satriani recently brought his four tenth studio album with Sony, Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards, which was received immediately successful. During the tour of this album is recorded in the Metropolis in Montreal. On Friday, April 20 came in both a CD and a DVD of it [Satchurated] Live in Montreal.

[See also for take a look Joe Satriani Complete Album List and His First Album]

[Or visiting Joe Satriani Official Website]


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