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Guns N 'Roses

Guns N ‘Roses

Guns N ‘Roses [GNR] is a hard rock band from the United States that was founded in 1984 and officially in 1985. This is top band in the era of 80’s and 90’s, they first soared through the 1987 album Appetite for Destruction Sweet Child With o’ Mine hits, Don`t Cry [1987], Paradise City and Welcome To The Jungle and later released acoustic album which was named GN ‘R Lies with sweet hits Patience and then produce two albums at once Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II.

Guns N ‘Roses became the biggest rock band in the world in 1991-1992 when their double album “Use Your Illusion” exploded on the market. With the formation time Axl Rose [vocals], Slash [guitar], Izzy Stradlin [guitar], Duff McKagan [bass] Dizzy Reed [Keyboard], and Matt Sorum [drums]. At midnight 17 September 1991 GNR become the world’s greatest band. Hundreds of stores opened up in the morning to sell the album Appetite For Destruction and Use Your Illusion consisting of two albums. For the first time in history, the two Use Your Illusion album was ranked first and second best-selling album in the U.S. Billboard.

But the greatness and success of the Guns N ‘Roses at that time did not necessarily make them more solid personnel. What happens is when Izzy Stradlin surprisingly resigned from GNR in the middle of a world tour concert album Use Your Illusions [Use Your Illusion World Tours]. Izzy was replaced by Gilby Clarke at mid-concert world tour. It can be seen in the video clip “Do not Cry”, the clip is slipped a picture when one of his fans put a sign on his back “Where’s Izzy?” And also in the video clip in Live And Let Die poster clip was also stuck with a picture of Izzy and reads “Missing!”. Or other events just before a concert in Tokyo, there are also posters that read “Who’s Gilby?” [Guitarist who replaced izzy]. Proving that fans miss GNR Izzy figures.

Guns N ‘Roses fate changed in 1994. they fuss with each other, often entered drug addiction rehabilitation center, and the album The Spaghetti Incident? Failed in the market. Their rift begins from here.

After that they had gathered in a studio in Los Angeles to record a new album scheduled to be released in 1995. however, shortly after they were seized with a disease that is common in other bands: boredom. They are too rich, so they think does not do anything.

Guns N ‘Roses Early members [Original]

  • Axl Rose – lead vocals, piano [1985present]
  • Slash – lead guitar [19851997]
  • Izzy Stradlin – rhythm guitar [19851991]
  • Duff McKagan – bass [19851998]
  • Steven Adler – drums [19851990]

Guns N ‘Roses Present Member

  • Axl Rose – lead vocals, piano [1985Present]
  • Bumblefoot – lead guitar [2006Present]
  • DJ Ashba – lead guitar [2009Present]
  • Richard Fortus – rhythm guitar [2002Present]
  • Tommy Stinson – bass guitar [1998Present]
  • Brian Mantia – drums [2000Present]
  • Dizzy Reed – keyboards, piano [1990Present]
  • Chris Pitman – keyboards, programming [1998Present]
  • Aries’s Rose – sub vocal, piano, guitar, [1997present]
  • Ole Beich – bass [1985]
  • Rob Gardner – drums [1985]
  • Tracii Guns – lead guitar [1985]
  • Steven Adler – Drums [19851990]
  • Izzy Stradlin – rhythm guitar [19851991]
  • Gilby Clarke – rhythm guitar [19911994]
  • Slash – lead guitar [19851996]
  • Matt Sorum – Drums [19901997]
  • Duff McKagan – bass [19851998]
  • Josh Freese – Drums [19972000]
  • Paul Tobias – rhythm guitar [19942002]
  • Buckethead – lead guitar [20002004]
  • Robert Flick – lead guitar [19982009]

Guns N ‘Roses Touring personnel

  • Tracey Amos – backing vocals [19911993]
  • Teddy Andreadis – harmonica, keyboards, backing vocals [19911993]
  • Roberta Freeman – backing vocals [19911993]
  • Diane Jones – backing vocals [19911993]
  • Anne King – horns [19911993]
  • Lisa Maxwell – horns [19911993]
  • Cece Worrall – horns [19911993]
  • Aries’s Villaraza – horns [19911997]

Guns N ‘Roses Complete Album List

Years Album



US Sales

RIAA Certification
1986 Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide (EP)

1987 Appetite for Destruction



18,000,000 15x Platinum
1988 G N’ R Lies (EP)



5,000,000 5x Platinum
1991 Use Your Illusion I



5,355,985 7x Platinum
1991 Use Your Illusion II



5,435,447 7x Platinum
1993 The Spaghetti Incident?



1,290,849 Platinum
1998 Use Your Illusion

1999 Live Era: ’87-’93



729,370 Gold
2004 Greatest Hits



3,132,000 3x Platinum
2008 Chinese Democracy

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