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Guns N ‘Roses

Guns N 'Roses

Guns N ‘Roses

Guns N ‘Roses [GNR] is a hard rock band from the United States that was founded in 1984 and officially in 1985. This is top band in the era of 80’s and 90’s, they first soared through the 1987 album Appetite for Destruction Sweet Child With o’ Mine hits, Don`t Cry [1987], Paradise City and Welcome To The Jungle and later released acoustic album which was named GN ‘R Lies with sweet hits Patience and then produce two albums at once Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II. Continue reading


Kiss – Take it off (With Lyric)

Kiss Take It Off Uncensored Version

Uploaded by on Jan 28, 2012


Well my mind is getting dirty yeah around eleven thirty, uh huh
I wanna watch some asses shaking to the noise the boys are making, uh huh

Ooh, so I hop into my car, hit the local titty bar, uh huh
‘Cause that’s my kind of situation when I need some perspiration, uh huh
I do my one-step shopping for the girl of my dreams
‘Cause I can always be sure that she’s as good as she seems

Take it off, give it to me
Take it off, like you’d do me
I wanna see what’s inside, ’cause you got nothin’ to hide
Take it off, pretty baby
Take it off, drive me crazy
You know you make me so hot, I wanna see what you got
Take it off, yeah! Continue reading